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AMD RX VEGA – what we know so far

VEGA is the architecture that will be powering the next line of high performance graphics cards from AMD. So called ‘Frontier Edition’ cards have been made available for preorder with hefty price tags of £1199 to £1,799 for air and liquid cooled versions respectively.


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So the question on everyones mind is what will the price and performance of gaming VEGA be (to be, at least, paper launched at SIGGRAPH). Well fortunately there may be some news regarding the upcoming cards price:performance and some slightly less welcome news about power consumption.

A forum discussion included a post from an MSI employee “I’ve seen the specs of Radeon RX Vega. It needs a damn lot of power”. Increased power normally comes with increased heat meaning that we may not see any fury nano like designs from the top end of AMDs lineup this time round. Spec sheets for the card put it at 300watts, far more than the roughly 180watts that tomshardware found the Fury nano would draw.

On the bright side good performance was also hinted at later on with someone replying ‘that ain’t a good sign’ to the MSI employee’s initial comment to which the MSI employee replied ‘depends on what performance you get ;)’.


Finally, the most recent bit of news regarding VEGA: ‘VEGA will have a terrific price/performance ratio, according to my sources. ;)’ posted on twitter by Bits And Chips – Eng. This is potentially terrific news for those that have been holding out for VEGA and passing up on high end Nvidia cards.


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