With the Q1 earnings on the horizon I decided to go and take a look at what has been happening with AMDs stock. After reaching a height of 15.65 last year AMD stock is not sitting steadily around the 10.00 mark. This has been frustrating for AMD shareholders as the stock is underdelivering when taking into account the new IPs and technology being released. A lot of the skepticism has been centred around the unknown future of crypto-currency and a smear campaign by a certain security firm.

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Things have not been helped by a lacklustre graphics offering from AMD that could not best Nvidia cards even when hitting the market over a year later. In the CPU department, however, AMDs Ryzen, Threadripper and EPYC lines have proved very successful and this should be reflected in Q1 earnings.


Up until now, while Risen and threadripper have been selling well, the EPYC processors have not managed much market penetration. This is standard practice for CPUs used in servers as companies tend to purchase a generation behind to ensure any kinks with the processors have been ironed out. In the Q1 financials EPYC sales will be present that will hopefully show nice amount of revenue for AMD.

Looking back at the GPU side of AMD we should also see good sales figures. While their graphics cards aren’t the best on the market they are still good at crypto-currency mining and to the annoyance of gamers this means neither AMD nor Nvidia need to worry much about being in a constant state of selling as many GPUs as they can produce.

Sales from GPUs remain strong, the new Ryzen 2000 series are already hitting top sales on Amazon, Ryzen laptops are hitting the market, EPYC sales have begun, PS4 Pros are sold out everywhere. All in all AMD is doing well when it comes to shifting product that should reflect nicely int he Q1 2018 financials. We will soon find out but it is likely we will see AMD stock back up nearer the 15 value than the 10 it is currently sitting at.