With the price of PC parts and the change in lifestyle that comes in the post-education era of my life I decided that it was time to give the PS4 Pro a chance. I still have my high end gaming PC for playing Dota2 and CS:GO but in recent years I have found myself more drawn to story rich open-world/action games of which the PS4 has a huge number of exclusives.

I also happened to have already invested in a Samsung KU6470 so I was ready for the 4k and HDR goodness that the PS4 Pro promised. For the record I am coming from a gaming PC that has a 1440p 165Hz screen so I was slightly apprehensive about sharpness and frame rate of the PS4 Pro.


With the PS4 Pro I picked up a copy of Horizon Zero dawn complete edition and Uncharted 4. I started by playing Horizon Zero Dawn. I was blown away. Horizon Zero Dawn plays at 30 fps at 1440p that has been upscaled to 4K. It looks incredibly sharp and I have very rarely noticed any frame rate drops (far less than on my PC).

The story is enticing and reminds me a bit of Zelda BOTW. The rich open world and attention to detail is something I haven’t seen on PC games in a long time, probably not since the Witcher 3. It was at this point I was beginning to see the difference between the PC and consoles. Sure PCs with beefy specs will be able to play games at higher graphical fidelity and resolution and sure I am always going to want to play games like DOTA2 occasionally that aren’t on the PS4 but as a PC gamer we are relying on companies like EA and Ubisoft for our story rich games. These are companies that consistently under-deliver on both console and PC (although AC:origins was better than previous titles and far cry 5 has been well received).

Having the backing of a company like Sony ensuring these amazing games are coming to the console and are optimised enough that it doesn’t matter that the compute performance of the graphics card is below an AMD 470 since these develops concentrate on getting the most out of it and both the games I discuss here look better than any games I have played on PC.


The next game I played was Uncharted 4. Again the attention to detail is incredible and graphics are far beyond that seen in many other titles I have played recently. The game is again rendered at 1440p/30fps and still looks very sharp. The story follows Nate and his brother as they track down lost pirate treasure. What amazes me most about this game so far is the number of different locations and the attention to detail in every single one.

Playstation plus membership (12 month cards can be purchased for around £40) gets you two games a month that you can play as long as you are a member. This is something that is often scoffed at by PC gamers and while it was a bit of a joke to begin with the inclusion of these games makes it well worth it in my opinion.

Finally the hidden things of console gaming that PC gamers forget like being able to sell your games to fund the purchase of new ones and, if like me, you are coming to the console this late in the life cycle many games are already heavily discounted (HZD: complete edition is £26.99 at Argos and Uncharted 4 is around £21 on Amazon). The PS4 may not get steam sales but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to play it.


All in all the PS4 Pro is an excellent purchase for a PC gamer that wants more, well made, single player games. I purchased my PS4 Pro was a game for £349 that is probably less than the current price of a graphics card inside it that would achieve comparable performance with the market the way it is. If you haven’t owned a PS4 up until now or even a PS3 there is also such a plethora of excellent titles to choose from, newer titles such as god of war are getting outstanding reviews and older games that have been remastered such as the last of us are certainly worth playing.

While it will never replace your PC if you enjoy DOTA2 or CS:GO I garuntee the PS4 Pro will become your device of choice for sitting back and enjoying the many excellently crafted story driven games it has on offer.