AMD earnings came in last night and AMD has beaten expectations by ending an excellent year with an excellent final quarter. Profit was slightly down on Q3 (as expected) however up year-on-year and greater than analysts predictions.

All the info can be found over at:

However the screen grab below highlights the main financial stuff.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 15.34.13

AMD are up 5.21% ($13.54) as of writing this article. This is in contrast with previous quarters where even good results would see a decline in stock value. This may indicate the markets growing confidence in AMD.

AMD credits Ryzen CPUs and Radeon GPUs for the high earnings but still does not give much mention of EPYC. This may be because it is still to properly enter the market.

I will say this, EPYC has had a long time to enter the market and we are yet to see any real mention of it. This does suggest AMD may not be doing so well in terms of market penetration against Intel. While this will hopefully not effect the current outlook too much it could effect the stock price really skyrocketing.

Currently last year looks set to repeat itself. Hopefully we will see and rise to around $14.5 – $15 by Q1 2018 earnings however this time with more stability due to market confidence. If EPYC does start to shift in larger quantities then we may also see the stock price reach values not seen in almost a decade.