Now that Apple has shown us there current vision for where handheld tech is going with the Iphone X it is a good time to have a think about what is going to happen in the Ipad Pro 2018.

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The Ipad Pro is Apple’s premium tablet offering, designed to bridge the gap between tablet and laptop. Apple made this gap even narrower this year with the release of iOS 11, their most recent version of iOS brings a host of new features to the Ipad that make it more laptop like including: multi-app windows, a new app switcher, a new dock and a files application.

With the release of the Iphone 8 and X we can speculate on what will be in the Ipad Pro 2018. I have separated each into categories and given what is most likely to be included first and what is pure speculation.

CPU, RAM and Memory

The part of the device you don’t see is key in the overall experience. Apple have introduced the new A11 bionic chip. As with previous versions we will likely see an A11X chip in the Ipad Pro 2018 with a more powerful GPU.


We may see the core count reach 4 cores as opposed to 3 however this is unlikely seeing as the A11X should already be a big jump over the A10X.

RAM will likely remain at 4GB as in the Ipad Pro 2. This already seemed like a future proofing move by Apple when they included it and there is unlikely to a be a need for more. We will likely see this increase in the Ipad Pro 4 or 5.

Memory will, unfortunately, still start at 64GB with 256GB and 512GB models also available.


Considering the rumours that Apple have been struggling to get enough OLED screens to produce enough of the Iphone X it is highly likely that we will see the same screen as in the Ipad Pro 2 but with a few bumps to the specs.

Apple don’t like to upgrade a model without any kind of upgrade so will likely see an increased maximum brightness and maybe 120Hz across the whole OS.

One thing Apple may do is include a 4k Display on the Ipad Pro 2018 to go along with the new 4k content available in the Itunes store. Realistically this is unlikely to make much difference to the viewing experience seeing as the screens are relatively small but hey, 4k HDR is never a bad thing.

Wireless charging

This is coming. Apple have made it very obvious they want wireless charging across all devices that can use it. While I have my doubts it will be available in the Ipad Pro 2018 I suspect the Ipad Pro 4 will have a glass back and be wireless charging enabled.

That said don’t count the Ipad Pro 2018 out of the wireless charging race. Apple appear to want a ‘wireless future’ and this is the way to get there.


This feature makes perfect sense on a tablet of any kind. It doesn’t make sense for the Ipad to loose the home button yet and it will never be bezel-less because of how a tablet is handled but FaceID brings with it features that would be useful on a tablet.


Imagine you have a family tablet and want a user area for you with banking and productivity apps and an area for your kids with games and learning apps. FaceID could let you separate the two with your Face so there is no chance of your kids playing around with banking or your work.

iOS 12

iOS 11 was a big deal for the Ipad and Apple shouldn’t slow down now. Increased ability to multitask and more effort put into productivity apps is key in making the Ipad Pro a laptop replacement.

What else would it be nice to see?

In extension to what I have discussed above there are a few features it would be nice to see:

  • Water resistance
  • Better Battery life
  • A lower price for the high storage models
  • A new look (this may come with a glass back for wireless charging)

What do you guys want to see in the new Ipad?