Asus has announced that a ROG STRIX model of VEGA 64 will be available. That means consumers will be getting powerful card with a 0db option (when the GPU isn’t being utilised) and RBG lighting effects. The card will also be factory overclocked that is good news seeing as the liquid cooled frontier edition needed to hit 1600MHz to rival the 1080. Factory overclocking suggests the air cooled version of VEGA 64 may be able to get near this performance.

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 20.58.55.png


The images on the website show an RGB light on the back of the card. More interestingly, however, we can count 2x8pin power connectors on the top of the card. This is to be expected considering the hefty power requirements but we have conformation that the 2x8pin configuration will allow for overclocking.


The card has 2 HDMI ports of undisclosed type but I imagine will be HDMI 2.0. 2 Displayports and 1 DVI-D port.


Asus have announced that their reference card will be available on the 14th of August for those that can’t wait for the ROG Strix card. The ROG Strix card will be released ‘early September’.