HARDOCP have had the chance to exclusively preview AMD RX VEGA. What did they do with it? well they decided to pit it against the Nvidia 1080ti in a blind test with 10 judges.

Both systems were identical other than the graphics cards. They  used an AMD Ryzen 7 1800X CPUs with 16GB of 2666MHz RAM. The systems ran a new install of Windows 10 64 bit and the ASUS MX34V FreeSync display ($720) or the ASUS PG348 G-Sync display ($1300).


They decided to use DOOM as the benchmark here due to all the judges being familiar with the game and each was allowed to have two goes on each system. Unfortunately this game was the only game tested and we know that DOOM running Vulkan can favour AMD. There was a plan to run more games but the apparently ran out of time.


Most of the testers thought the systems were indistinguishable from one another. One person thought the Nvidia system was superior and three people thought the AMD system ran best. Those who preferences the AMD system cited that system felt snappier and objects on screen were easier to see as their reasons.

Take everything here with a grain of salt. Both cards could likely run a game like DOOM without an issue so it isn’t a great test of RX VEGA. That said it is interesting that more people preferred the VEGA + freesync experience. If AMD are pushing the VEGA + freesync package being better value for money than the Nvidia + gsync package the fact people preferred that combo is good news.