We are less than two weeks away from AMDs new line of high end gaming cards (RX VEGA) being announced at SIGGRAPH on the 30th of July. The cards have, however, made an early appearance in Budapest today with gamers being given the the chance to play on a system powered by RX VEGA or a 1080 with Freesync or Gsync respectively.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 15.13.35.png

All players are getting to play battlefield 1 at 3440×1440 resolution on each card.

Users are reporting that AMD aren’t telling them which system is which and staff are instead saying: ‘you won’t notice the difference but one of these costs $300 more. People at the conference have unfortunately said one system certainly did perform worse that isn’t a good sign seeing as we know that the 1080 can average above 65fps at 4k so should be able to do better at this resolution.

That suggests the machine performing worse is the one containing RX VEGA. The push by staff to mention how one system is $300 more suggests that the angle AMD are taking is that freesync with there top end GPU is cheaper than GSYNC and one of Nvidias highest offerings. This news plus what we have seen from VEGA frontier edition tells us this card is very much an Nvidia 1070/1080 competitor, all it comes down to now is how much AMD can undercut Nvidia.