Fans got a glimpse of the upcoming Ataribox via email communication today. The console was announced back in June but we didn’t get anything more than a teaser.

Pictures show that the console will come in two or more colour schemes.


The above picture shows us the most information, however, the console will have modern I/O and online connectivity HDMI, 4xUSB, SD, ethernet. These ports also give us an idea of the size of the console and, in turn, lets us speculate a bit about what could be inside (remember these appear to by computer mock ups rather than the real thing and are so subject to change).

The console looks to be smaller than the xbox one and PS4 but larger than devices such as the Nvidia Shield TV. This suggests that Atari may not be looking to take on the big consoles but being a dedicated console will mean it likely contains more horsepower than the Nintendo Switch. This will likely slot in as a budget high end console that can play most modern AAA titles at lower graphical fidelity, moving in the opposite direction to the Xbox one X