The first VEGA FRONTIER EDITION benchmarks have surfaced. One user has received their air cooled AMD VEGA frontier edition card and has it up and running.


The user has had time to run a firestrike benchmark and post the results. So far it doesn’t look to good for VEGA. The card performs similar to an overclocked Nvidia 1080. The user said the core clock appeared to be jumping around and many are wondering whether this was actually run with driver in the default ‘pro mode’ rather than ‘gaming mode’.

Full details of the firestrike run can be found at the link below:

Hopefully the user is able to post more gaming benchmarks and to let us better see how this card stacks up against the competition.

RX VEGA (the gaming version) will be released on the 30th of July however the Founders Edition benchmarks should give us a glimpse into what we can expect from the upcoming cards.

UPDATE: the user has said they only have a 550watt psu that may be causung the card to throttle

UPDATE 2: A second user has now received their card and done a video unboxing.

This user is said ‘The current bench we have performs like a liquid nitrogen overclocked Fury X at 1384MHz, so I am wondering if the card was running around its base clock of 1382MHz in Firestrike.’

Seems like the VEGA and the drivers are not performing as well as people had hoped. This card IS NOT the gaming version of VEGA but should give us some insight into how gaming VEGA will perform. Hopefully in the coming days AMD will release driver updates that sort out any boost clock issues these boards may be suffering from.