The long awaited VEGA is here. While it may not yet have been released in its gaming form workstation cards are now available for order. Some have already got their hands on the cards and been able to run some preliminary tests as seen in a PCworld article.

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The Vega card was found to compete favourably in workstation tasks when pitted against the titan card. Points were made about how FE cards will be getting ‘pro drivers’ akin to those available to quadro users while titan x users only get consumer drivers.

PCworld said ‘The cards appears to be faster than Nvidia’s GTX 1080 and close to that of a GTX 1080 Ti card.’ If this is true and AMD price this card right we could be in for a treat. A card in the region of £400 – 450 with the performance of a £600 card from Nvidia can only be good for the consumer.

Hopefully we will hear more as FE cards start arriving on peoples doorsteps this week.